Monday, September 27, 2021
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Careers at OPSO

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OPSO Quarterly Community Meeting
PresentationOPSO Quarterly Community Meeting - 2020 Winter

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OPSO Annual Financial Report

Sheriff's Sale Public Notice

NEW ORLEANS - 09-09-2021

The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

Is cancelling Sheriff's sales


Sept. 16, 2021 and Sept. 23, 2021

The cancellations are pursuant to the Governor's Proclamation of a

State of Emergency due to Hurricane Ida.

The Sheriff's sale will resume at noon Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021.



NEW ORLEANS - 09-08-2021

Following is a statement from Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman regarding looting, other arrests and patrolling efforts for Orleans Parish following Hurricane Ida:
“Since 12 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 28, the day before Hurricane Ida made landfall, the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office and New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) have collectively made 63 arrests for looting and 174 arrests total.
Public safety is crucial to the recovery of our community and the crime of looting is unconscionable when we are at this critical moment.
We do, however, want to assure the community that these looting arrests are not widespread and that our team and our partners are working diligently to prevent and address these crimes.
We are continuing to patrol the streets of New Orleans along with NOPD and the National Guard and are doing everything we can to help those in-need including water and supply distribution, including providing canopies and security, and participating in key partnerships to support our community.
We want to encourage community members to report any suspicious activity. If you witness a crime, please call 9-1-1 for emergencies and 3-1-1 (504-658-2299) for non-emergencies.”
“We are continuously working with New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) and the National Guard to dispatch deputies into the community to patrol all of Orleans Parish as a part of a unified effort for public safety.
We have had deputies and staff on duty at all times patrolling the streets, staffing our facilities and monitoring the courts. In addition to patrols, we are also fulfilling calls for service such as security detail, traffic control and other needs.
We are working in shifts to ensure that our staff is equipped with the resources to navigate the aftermath of Hurricane Ida both personally and professionally.
My staff and I are in constant communication with the City, the Courts, the District Attorney and other authorities on our continued strategies for public safety.
As previously communicated, all evacuated inmates have been safely returned to our facilities. For the full update on their return, click here.
Our top priorities are keeping our inmates and the community safe by monitoring and addressing crime and helping our city to recover.”



NEW ORLEANS - 09-06-2021

Following is a statement from Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman regarding the return of inmates after Hurricane Ida:

"Early this morning, the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office (OPSO) initiated the return of all evacuated inmates to our secured facilities, in accordance with the Sheriff's Office Hurricane Recovery Plan. We worked in coordination with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections and the Louisiana Sheriff's Task Force on the transfer process, which has been completed.

The completion of this return was done in the early morning hours to minimize the impact on highway traffic entering metro New Orleans with the available resources of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Louisiana Sheriff's Task Force, the OPSO and our partner agencies.

OPSO has full power, which will allow us to properly manage the care, custody and control of inmates within our own facilities. All OPSO buildings were inspected by deputies and staff to ensure the conditions were appropriate for the return of these inmates.

Throughout this evacuation process we kept the 22 COVID-19 positive inmates in our care separated from the remainder of the jail population. We are pleased to report that upon their return all 22 of these individuals were re-tested and are now presumed negative for COVID-19. We are very appreciative of Wellpath, our medical provider. The Wellpath staff ensured that these individuals, as well as the rest of the inmates in our custody, received consistent, high-quality care and that all CDC and LDH COVID-19 guidelines were followed throughout this process.

The Intake and Processing Center and other Sheriff's Office facilities continue normal operations. We continue to receive any arrested individuals from the New Orleans Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.

This Office has operated on High Alert Status since Friday, Aug. 27 and supervised 143 inmates arrested after the hurricane. The OPSO has maintained consistent communication with the City of New Orleans, New Orleans Police Department and the other offices of the Orleans Parish Criminal Justice System.

We are grateful for the cooperation and assistance received from our partners at the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, the Louisiana Sheriff's Task Force and city and federal authorities, who have helped facilitate these relocations and today's subsequent return.

As always, we want to reassure the citizens of Orleans Parish that the deputies and administrative staff of the Sheriff's Office are on duty. They are working diligently and acting in the interest of public safety as our community returns.

The public can visit the OPSO Facebook page, website at or call the Sheriff's Office at 504-827-8536 for more information."


Victim Notifications & Programs

Crime Victims Programs
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Notification System


Crime Victims
Reparation Program

Elderly Program

Elderly Victims
Assistance Program


Louisiana Victim
Notification System

Public Bids

Top Headline
OPSO Public Bids

For the latest and most accurate information on our public bids, please access the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office on is...


Who's In Jail

Who's In Jail

Magistrate Court List


Civil Matters/Foreclosures

Civil Matters/Foreclosure

OPSO Real Estate Webinar

Real Estate Webinar

Medical Inmate Advocate

If you have a medical question about an inmate, call the Medical Inmate Advocate at 504-202-9451.

The Medical Inmate Advocate is an experienced OPSO nurse who will investigate your concern and call you back. If you wish to provide medical information about an inmate, call the Medical Inmate Advocate. Medical confidentiality is maintained, but your concerns will be addressed.


Report Fraud


Call 1-844-50-FRAUD or Click Here

Report Abuse & Sexual Assaults


All family, friends, and attorneys should report immediately any information about inmate-against-inmate sexual abuse, sexual harassment or staff-against-inmate sexual relationships, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.  Help the OPSO promote sexual safety and report these incidents confidentially to our sexual abuse hotline:

1-844-201-4312 or (504) 717-2279


ReportSurvey of Sexual Victimization, 2017

PREA Annual Report

ReportPREA Annual Report, 2018

Programs for Public Benefit

Young Marines

The OPSO chapter of the Young Marines is in partnership with the national Young Marines program. Youth under the age of 18 enroll for drill, games, field trips, and education.


West Bank Major Crime Taskforce

Deputies assigned to this task force focusing on major crimes and narcotics enforcement on the West Bank.

United States Marshals Task Force

OPSO also participates in US Marshal task force activities, focusing on the apprehension of violent criminals in the Greater New Orleans Area and monitors registered sex offenders in Orleans Parish.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)

DARE is a school-based drug awareness and prevention program for youth. OPSO’s main focus is sixth graders through high-school.


Criminal Patrols

This program focuses on outstanding warrants for violent crimes. Persons wanted for violent crimes are targeted and arrested for public safety. This program is grant funded in partnership with the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and focuses on proactive crime prevention in high crime areas and the apprehension of wanted fugitives.

Day Reporting Center

The Day Reporting Center is a collaborative agreement between the New Orleans Sheriff Office and the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections. The New Orleans Day Reporting Center program strives...


Programs for Inmates

Transitional Workforce Center

Department of Corrections inmates who have eighteen months or less and a suitable record can end their sentence in the work release program at the TDC Transitional Workforce Facility.


Low Literacy to GED  Educational Services

These services are provided by our educational partners, the Orleans Parish Public Schools’ Alternative Learning Institute (South White Street Female Facility, juveniles held as adults, House of Detention, and Orleans Parish Prison)...


HIV Counseling and Testing

This program is in partnership with the Office of Public Health. All incoming arrestees are offered HIV testing upon arrival. A trained nurse is on hand to counsel the patient on the results. As a matter of course, arrestees...


GED Testing Center

OPSO is a State of Louisiana Department of Education certified GED testing facility. We give a monthly GED test for the public, and test inmate students within secure facilities approximately every two months or as students are ready.


Community Service

Inmates who are considered low risk and who wish to work for the public good are assigned to Community Service, where they perform a number of civic tasks. The Community Service Division also works in partnership with...


Alcoholics Anonymous

This program is available to inmates in the House of Detention and the Warren McDaniels Transitional Workforce Center and will be expanding to other buildings as additional volunteers are gained. There is also a group...


Presentation to Mayor's Committee

Criminal Justice Working Group


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